Lotto Deposits & Withdrawals


  • Users can deposit any amount, they need just a Terra Wallet and UST deposited in it.

  • Per every 25 UST deposited, users get a ticket. That is, if you deposit 100 UST you'll get 4 tickets.

  • On the other hand, if you just deposit 24 UST you won't receive any ticket, but if you deposit an additional UST later on, you'll get 1 ticket.

  • Deposits have an APR (or interest) that accumulates in the account of the user, that is approximately 5%. On top of that, depositors will earn GLOW tokens as part of the Depositor Rewards.

  • As you earn tickets when depositing, you get free access to the Glow Weekly Lotto.


  • Users can withdraw part or the total amount of UST deposited in their account at any time.

  • There are two options when withdrawing funds: instant withdrawal and free withdrawal.

  • Whenever the user performs an instant withdraw, a fee of 5% will be deducted from the total amount to withdraw. This ensures the fairness of Glow Lotto as users need to contribute equally to the lottery pot with their holdings.

  • Free withdrawals lock users funds for a week, when users can claim the amount and make the withdrawal effective. In this case, there's no fee to be deducted.

  • When a user decides to perform a withdrawal, the proportional part of the tickets will be burnt or removed from the user account. This process is irreversible, that is, if the user wants the tickets back, funds will need to be deposited again.

  • In case you win the lottery (good luck!), you'll be able to either withdraw the prize instantly (without any penalty fees) or auto-deposit the prize funds, earning more tickets and increasing your chances to win the weekly Glow Lotto again.

Moreover, when the lottery is being executed (which happens once a week), both deposits and withdraws are blocked for about 3-10 minutes. The reason for this is to ensure the security and fairness of the lottery. In the absence of this measure, someone could try to withdraw part of their money (and tickets) as soon as they realise they don't hold any winning ticket.

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