Glow Creators

Glow Creators is a decentralized application that empowers creators worldwide by leveraging yield to align incentives and make everyone a winner. Giving NFTs a new social and membership dimension, Glow Creator combines the ease-of-use of web2 platforms like Patreon with the programability and composability of crypto and smart contracts.

Glow Creators will launch with two core features:

  • Membership NFTs. Think NFTs with a layer of membership, access, perks - and a monetization path where everyone wins.

  • Lossless NFT Pools. Pools in which fans and the community can invest in a creator NFTs, without taking their money off the table.

If you want to learn more about Glow creators, visit our website.

We are also onboarding our first cohort of creators. Feel free to apply on to our Creators Beta program here.

Coming soon (Scheduled for Q2 2022)!

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