Glow Lotto Parameters

There are several Glow Lotto parameters that can be modified by the Governance. The polls voting over these parameters will be activated after the first 6 months of Glow, following our progressive decentralization roadmap.

Modify Split Factor

Split Factor determines what percentage of the yield generated by a user's deposit accrues to the lottery pot and what percentage is used as direct yield for the user.

Genesis value is 0.75, meaning 75% of the yield goes to the lottery.

Modify Reserve Factor

Reserve Factor determines the commission fee that the protocol takes out of the distributed prizes in the lottery.

Genesis value is 0.05, meaning that 5% of each prize will be redirected to the Glow reserve and the re-distributed pro-rata among GLOW stakers.

Modify Instant Withdrawal Fee

The Glow Lottery has several measures to ensure its fairness[link]. One of these measures is the Instant Withdrawal Fee. When a user wants to withdraw its deposits, they normally need to wait for the Unbonding Period , which is normally the same as one Lottery Interval.

If the user has unexpected urgency in redeeming its deposits, Glow offers an alternative, incurring the Instant Withdrawal Fee . The Genesis value is 0.1, meaning that a 10% commission will be applied to instant withdrawals. It should be noted that this value should be relevant, to ensure safety and fairness against a whale that could try to game the protocol.

Modify Unbonding Period

As mentioned above, standard withdrawals must take into account theUnbonding Periodtime. This is a sensitive parameter, and should always be equal to or larger than the Lottery Interval

Modify Ticket Prize

In Glow, each time you make a deposit over a certain threshold you get free, recurring tickets for the Weekly Lottery. The amount of tickets a user receives given the deposit amount is determined by the Ticket Prize

The genesis value of Ticket Prize is 10 UST, meaning that each 10 UST worth of deposit a user would get a lottery ticket. As an example, a deposit of 72 UST would reward the depositor with 7 tickets.

Modify Lottery Interval

The Glow Lottery is executed periodically and this interval can be modified by the community. The standardLottery Intervalis set to one week. As a principle, this parameter should be only modified if there are strong reasons to.

Modify Prize Distribution

The Weekly Lottery winning number is composed of 5 digits. The Prize Distribution is an array of 5 elements, that maps the number of number hits and the prize percentage to be split.

An example would be [50,30,15,5,0,0]. Hence, all the players that have a ticket with 4 numbers in the same position as the winning ticket would split 30% of the total available pot.

The Prize Distribution elements must add up to 100.

Modify Round Delta

The round delta determines the number of rounds after which the next randomness will be queried to run the lottery. This is a sensitive parameter and should only be changed in special situations.

Modify Block Time

The block time determines the number of blocks where the lottery will be blocked while being executed. This is a sensitive parameter and should only be changed in special situations.

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