There are apps in the Glow ecosystem that require a trusted and verifiable source of randomness to function properly. An example of this is the Glow Lotto.

In Glow Lotto, we are using the most decentralized and verifiable source of randomness available in the Terra ecosystem: Terrand.

Terrand, co-built by the CosmWasm and the Loterra team, uses CosmWasm smart contracts to act as a relayer of drand, one of the most secure and recognised random number generators on the Internet. Drand is supported by the League of Entropy, a council initiated by Protocol Labs and constituted by reputable institutions such as Cloudflare, the Ethereum Foundation and the UCL.

Combining a non-predictable, bias-resistant and verifiable source of randomness such as drand and the decentralized censorship of smart contracts, Terrand guarantees the fairness and security of any random number used in Glow apps.

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