Glow Lotto Short Explainer

Glow Lotto is a net-win Lottery where you deposit UST to get free tickets for a chance to win the weekly jackpot and on top, you'll accrual interest.

With Glow Lotto you'll receive interest on your UST deposit and free Lottery tickets for a chance to win the weekly jackpot. It's a no-loss service where you can withdraw your initial deposit plus accrued interest if you do not want to participate in the lottery anymore.

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The full process as of now

  • Deposit at least 25 UST (= 1 Ticket)

  • Receive Ticket + Accrue Interest at the same time (5% APR)

    • Optionally: Refresh ticket distribution (totally or partially)

  • Lottery numbers are drawn once per week

  • Claim Prizes on ticket winning - it happens instantly

  • No Loss withdraw: Request withdrawal UST, lose the respective amount of Tickets

    • Info: Subject to 7 day lockup period for withdrawal requests. After 7 days user needs to claim

  • Instant withdrawal: Request instant withdrawal UST (a 5% fee will apply) and lose the respective amount of tickets.

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