Glow Ecosystem Fund

Glow Ecosystem Fund (GEF)

The Glow Ecosystem Fund goal is a key part of the Glow token supply distribution, with 30% of the total supply. The goal of the fund is to support different projects, ideas and research to foster the Glow protocol.

Most of the Ecosystem Fund will be managed by the community through the usual governance mechanism, voting on public polls. To bootstrap the strategic direction of the grants, the Glow founding team and early contributors will be able to directly select up to 15% of the GEF in the first two years after the project launch.

Each project funding event will need a thorough description of the deliverable and the use of proceeds. In the case of larger grants, the grant proceeds may also be separated into several grant stages. Moreover, each grant is capped by the Limit Spend, a protocol parameter chosen by the community.

Types of projects that we expect to be funded through the Glow Ecosystem Fund:

  • Public good software tools and dashboards for the Glow protocol.

  • Community events, write-up series and media content.

  • For-profit apps and frontends targeting specific demographics.

  • Research on the benefits of prize-linked savings accounts such as Glow Lotto.

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