Getting a Terra Wallet

Glow is a Terra based project, and to participate you have to setup a Wallet first.

Download Browser Extension

We recommend using Terra Station

  1. Setup Wallet

  2. Backup Wallet

  3. Use your Address to receive funds

1. Install Terra Station

Download & Install the browser extension:

2. Setup Wallet

Click the extension and select New Wallet

A new browser tab opens

Enter a Wallet name and select a password

3. Backup Wallet

This is the most important step

Without a proper backup, you may not be able to restore your wallet and lose all funds!

Write down the Seed phraseand make sure to store it on a USB stick, or a secure password manager!

After you have written down and secured your seed phase, click Next

In the next screen you're asked to enter two words from your seed phase to confirm and make sure you've got it secured correctly

In the last step click Create a wallet and your Terra Wallet is ready!

4. Receiving Funds

To receive tokens for using Glow Savings, you'll need your Terra Address.

  • Click Terra Station Extension

  • Find your wallet name

  • Click Copy button

Example address: terra1hwxh80cwkqxjeeqa5e6wvcf7qcp2qwlr7ylpx4 (yes, it's that long!)

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