What is Glow?

Glow is bringing to life a world of dApps that leverage DeFi yield to unlock new and exciting user experiences, accessible to everyone.

The Glow Protocol's job is to govern and set the vision for this world of dApps. The Glow Token (GLOW) is Glow Protocol's governance token. GLOW tokens can be deposited to create new governance polls, which can be voted on by users that have staked GLOW.

GLOW is designed to capture a portion of the yield collected by Glow dApps, allowing its value to scale linearly with Glow's assets under management (AUM). Glow distributes protocol fees to GLOW stakers pro-rata to their stake, benefitting stakers as adoption of Glow increases -- stakers of GLOW are incentivized to propose, discuss, and vote for proposals that further merit the protocol.

You can access Glow through the official Web App. Further documentation of Glow Protocol is provided in the following pages.

Glow dApps

Glow Lotto

The first Glow dApp to be released will be Glow Lotto (Scheduled for Q4 2021). It lets you put your money to work while you save with a no-loss lottery. Saving is meant to be fun, especially when you can win a weekly jackpot. Learn More

Glow Creators

The second Glow dApp to be released will be Glow Creators (Scheduled for Q1 2022). It's about to enable content creators worldwide by leveraging yield to align incentives and make everyone a winner. Social money is about to become way more loyal. Learn More

Glow Starters

The third Glow dapp to be released will be Glow Starters (Scheduled for Q2 2022). Power up your ideas and fund your next business without any added fuss. Glow Start is the easiest way to onboard new capital and make interest on all your investments. Learn More

And So Much More To Come

There is so much more to come. If you have an awesome idea that would fit well in the Glow ecosystem, please tell us about it! You can either submit a text proposal for an idea for the Glow Core team to build, or apply for a grant from the Glow Ecosystem Fund to build the dApp yourself using the Glow SDK.


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